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3 Cabinet ministers Replaced by Turkey, in the Run up of General elections

Turkey NewsThe President of Turkey has appointed three Bureaucrats in order to head the key of ministers, which is just ahead of the general elections. Turkish law requires non partisian Officials or independent politicians to head the ministries of justice, transport and interior ahead of elections to avoid any misuse of power and government.

Abdullah Gul who is the president of Turkey has appointed the under secretaries in the ministry of ministers. According to State Television said on Wednesday. The new Justice Minister Ahmet Kahraman and Osman has taken over the interior ministry department and others also have changed their departments.

The general elections are scheduled by the ministry and government on twelve of June, and it is predicted that it would be done in a very cool and good manner.

Thousand of People on Road in Protest of Journalist Arrest

Thousand of people were on road in the two main cities of Turkey which is in response of the detention in this week for the seven journalists who have prompted new expressions of concern from Europe and United States about the state of press freedom in the country of turkey.

Protestors in Ankara and Istanbul in which many of them are media workers called for an end to what they called repression of Turkish journalists. The journalists who were arrested by the common management and police of the country turkey.

The pressure has reached on the journalists to the top most level and it is at the intolerable limit. Turkish Journalists Syndicate head Ercan Ipekci, said that some democratic steps have been taken.

Seven Journalists Arrested at the Land of Turkey

Turkey NewsSeven Journalists have been arrested by the police of Turkey and the charges which have been implemented on the people who are arrested is that they were trying to make a plot in which they are targeting the government of Turkey. They were among the ten people who have been detained for investigations.

This inquiry is being done into Ergenekon, an ultra-nationalist clandestine group has been found guilty of this plot. Nedim Sener is one of the guy who is one of them who have been arrested. This is been predicted and said that this was a very big problem which has been eliminated.

It has been analysed that this person was working with a daily news paper Milliyet, and was the main suspect of the plot. If this has not been seen earlier than it could make further damages in the industry.

Islamist leader’s funeral Thousand Gathered in Turkey

Turkey NewsThousand of voices who are loudly speaking and mourning flocked to a mosque in Istanbul, Tuesday for the funeral of the mentor in political Islam in the Secular turkey and its first Islamist prime minister. The prime minister from the starting of 1996 Necmettin Erbakan who is the godfather of the country current crop of Islamist rooted leaders which are going to give water to the plant.

He died at the age of eighty four on Sunday morning, the leader has been made a huge personality in the country and people were worshipping at their maximum extent. The army and other immediators are also in between these gathering they have a firm belief in the current scenario.